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Neolee Prosthetic Leg Service

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Neolee Prosthetic Leg Service Prosthetic Leg Rehabilitation

Neolee Prosthetic Leg Service
A transtibial or transfemoral prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces a leg missing below or above the knee. Once the wound has fully healed from the operation, clients may begin fitting for a suitable prosthetic leg to regain their ability to walk again. 

**Price shown here is only an estimate**

Please contact us directly for an appointment consultation so that our prosthesis technician may conduct an examination before knowing the exact cost.

Prosthesis Proses

Your journey:

Step 1 : Call us to make an appointment with our Prosthetic Technician (No. Telephone 03 8090 5154)

Step 2 : During the appointment, our Prosthetic Technician will make an assesment on your residual limb (stump) and recommend the type of components best suited for you.

Step 3 : After the assesment, we will take measurements of your residual limb and mark the sensitive points with a transferrable ink pencil.

Step4  : Once the measurements are taken, we will need to make a cast of your residual limb using plaster bandages that will capture the shape and markings of the transferrable ink.

Step 5  : Congratulations, now you have completed the first phase of creating a prosthetic leg. Our Prosthetic Technicians will take all the information gathered and begin work on your new prosthesis.

Next phase - Fitting:

Step 6 : Once your prosthetic leg is done, we will make an appointment with you for a fitting session.

Step 7 : During the fitting session, our Prosthetic Technician make several adjustments according to your walk, standing and comfort, therefore communication will be very important to get the fitting just right. Its just like trying a new pair of shoes.

Step 8 : Once you and the Prosthetic Technician are satisfied with the fitting, we will wrap the prosthesis in waterproofing foam.

Finally : Congratulations! Your journey has finally come to an end! Now it is the beginning of a new journey for you and your prosthesis!

And also  : Although this proses has ended but we will continue this journey with you, and you are always welcomed to our prosthetic center for adjustments and modifications, or just dropby to have a chat with your Prosthetic Tech!

*The identity of our patients above are concealed for privacy purposes



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