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Safety Toilet Frame

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Safety Toilet Frame Keselamatan Bilik Mandi Kerusi Tandas
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SKU: NL1210L
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NL1210L Safety Toilet Frame

The Safety Toilet Frame provides sturdy support for individuals who require assistance getting around the bathroom or sitting and standing up from the toilet or commode. Elderly or individuals with limited mobility, arthritis, balancing issues, back or knee injuries will now be able to use the toilet independently.

**Safety Advice - Use both hands on handles for stability while standing or sitting.


Material Aluminum, ABS Plastic
Dimension 50-56cm (W) x 42cm (L) x 63-76cm (H) 
Capacity 180 kg
Item Weight 2.4 kg

About this item
  • Height and Width Adjustable
  • No Tools Needed  
  • Rust Resistant
  • Suction Base for Stability
  • Comfortable Arm Support
  • Fits any Standard Toilet Bowl


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