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NL505S Katil Hospital 5 Fungsi (Manual)

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NL505S Katil Hospital 5 Fungsi (Manual) Katil Hospital Manual Katil Hospital
RM 2,699.00RM 2,159.20
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NL505S Hospital Bed 5 Functions (Manual)

Why should we use a hospital bed?
  • Improve patient blood circulation & prevents pressure sores or bedsores
  • Reduces breathing difficulties by relieving pressure on patient chest
  • Prevents patient from accidentally falling off
  • Provides support for caregivers & prevents backaches

Weight  100kg
Capacity  200kg
  1. Mild carbon steel with powder coating
  2. Aluminum side railing
  3. Detachable ABS head & footboards
  4. Four silent castors with brakes
  5. Stainless steel cranks
Frame Dimension  (L) 210cm x (W) 100cm x (H) 50cm 
Mattress  (L) 190cm x (W) 88cm x (H) 6.5cm  |  Fiber Mattress 
  1. Patient Side Tilting: 0 – 45° (± 5°)
  2. Elevating Backrest: 0 – 75° (± 5°)
  3. Elevating/Lowering Leg-rest: 0 – 20° / -55 – 0° (± 5°)
  4. Drop-open Potty
  5. Headwash Basin 
Free Gifts
  1. Free Delivery within West Malaysia
  2. Two (2) free polyester fiber pillow
  3. One (1) free custom designed Tube Anti Bedsore Mattress for NL505S beds



For the safety of our staffs & customers, Neolee will be practicing Contactless Deliveries meaning the hospital beds will only be delivered up till customer's front door. Neolee will not enter customer's houses and customers will just have to wheel the bed to their desired area.

- Protect Yourself, Protect Everyone.




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