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What is a Hospital Bed?

What is a Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed is a type of bed specially designed for patients who need medical care. Hospital beds can be adjustable, allowing the patient to be raised, lowered or tilted as needed and it also allows the caregivers to have better assistance with the patient's daily needs and activities.


There are many benefits that hospital beds have over ordinary home beds, one of which is the ability to adjust the bed to various heights and positions. This is beneficial for many patients who need to be in an elevated position for therapeutic or medical reasons. There are different models available with different settings for posture adjustment.


Hospital Bed Functions

The most common functions a hospital bed has are; the Backrest - Which is where the top part of the bed can be raised without affecting the lower part of the bed. When a patient lies flat, it can put significant pressure on the airway and hinder their sleep as they feel unable to breathe comfortably. Raising the backrest while resting is also known to prevent any unwanted food or fluids from entering the lungs and causing major health issues like pneumonia.


The second most common function is the knee section of the bed; the Leg-rest - This raises the patient's legs to help with blood circulation and prevent swelling. Raising the legs above the heart allows the blood to circulate back to the heart without fighting gravity and reduces the stress on the heart to pump blood. This helps to ease the swelling and brings fresh and oxygenated blood to the limbs. Lastly, it also stops a patient from slouching when the backrest is raised.


Hospital beds with adjustable height settings are a fundamental safety feature. Raising the bed height can reduce the need for patient assistance when standing from a sitting position and lowering the bed height to its lowest position can reduce injury severity in case of a fall. The most useful part of the adjustable height feature, however, is that it reduces the strain on caretakers' bodies when they need to carry patients onto and off of the hospital bed.


Hospital Beds Are Perfect For Those With Mobility Issues

It's not unusual to find it more difficult to get out of bed as we age. Unfortunately, most ordinary home mattresses and bed frames aren't designed with mobility in mind, which can be a problem for elderly family members or friends who are losing their strength. If you're noticing this happening to someone you love, think about getting them a hospital bed. It's something that many doctors may suggest during a routine check-up or after a long hospital stay.


Before you purchase a specialized bed for a loved one or friend, always consult with them first. Though it may seem like a large adjustment to move from a regular bed to medical equipment, the reality is that hospital beds are much safer because of their size and positioning.


Frequently Asked Questions Needing A Hospital Bed At Home

21 Oct 2022