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3 Tips to choosing the right Ripple Mattress for Bedsores

The Ripple Mattress is a versatile product that can be tailored to each patient's individual needs. Factors such as weight, weight distribution, and the stage of bedsore development will all affect which specification is right for each person.


Here are 3 Tips to choosing the right ripple mattress for bedsores;


1. Body weight of the patient

  • The Bubble Ripple Mattress can support patients up to 80 kg and it is suitable for short-term usage and in those with low-risk assessment.
  • The Tube Ripple Mattress can support patients up to 120 kg and it is more for long-term usage for medium to higher risk assessment. Exceeding the maximum weight capacity of the ripple mattress will reduce its efficiency of the ripple mattress in preventing bedsores. A patient who exceeds the weight limit should be moved to an appropriate ripple mattress.


2. Patient’s mobility

For completely immobile patients, the use of alternating pressure ripple mattress is important in preventing bedsores. This type of mattress inflates and deflates by a motor pump alternating the air pressure inside the mattress creating a wave movement that stimulates blood circulation.

In situations where the patient is bedridden and requires round-the-clock care, caregivers do not have to turn patients every hour if the patient is on a ripple mattress. The ripple mattress reduces the physical strain on the caregivers to turn the patient and it also frees up the caregivers' time for other matters.


3. Severity of the bedsore

Before purchasing and using a ripple mattress, you should first establish the severity and risk of developing bedsores. Generally speaking, the greater the severity or risk, the higher performance ripple mattress you will need. There are two types of alternating pressure ripple mattresses, which are the bubble type mattress which is more suitable for individuals with low risk of bedsores or with stage 1 bedsores. The tube-type ripple mattress is more suitable for more severe bedsores. Although it is said that the tube ripple mattress is for heavier patients, patients below 80kg can still opt to use the tube ripple mattress if they are at a high risk stage. Another advantage of the tube-type ripple mattress is that the tube can be replaced if punctured or damaged while the bubble is a one-piece.


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When to see a doctor

If you notice warning signs of bedsores such as redness and sore to the touch, change your position to relieve the pressure on the area. If you don't see improvement in 24 to 48 hours, contact your doctor. If you are already using a ripple mattress but your bedsores worsen, contact your doctor.


Seek immediate medical care if you show signs of infection, such as a fever, drainage from a sore, a sore that smells bad, changes in skin color, warmth or swelling around a sore.



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27 Oct 2022