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NL005 Deluxe Commode (Castors)

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Weight(grams): 10

Dimension: 70 cm (Length) x 30 cm (Width) x 100 cm (Height)


NL005 Deluxe Commode (Castors)

The NL005 Deluxe Commode (Castors) is an alternative to the NL696 model whereby it is designed in the style of a Lazy Chair which is very common to Malaysians. It is designed to have a higher backrest with elastic rubber strips for back support, this is done to provide better comfort while seating for long periods at a time. The NL005 Deluxe Folding Commode also comes with castor wheels for mobility, enabling caregivers to move patients for example to and fro the bathroom. Finally, because it is able to fold neatly, it is also easy to store or to take it anywhere with you. 

Epoxy coating is not as durable as chromed and is prone to rusting if exposed to water. 
*Advisable to thoroughly wipe and dry chair after used in shower and bathroom to protect steel longer.

Material   Epoxy Coating Steel  
Floor to Seat Height   48cm
Seat Width   50 cm
Seat Depth   40 cm
Castor Size   3 inches
Folded Size   92cm x 62cm
Capacity   100 kg
Item Weight     10 kg


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