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NL9121L-35 Reversed Child Walker

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NL9121L-35 Reversed Child Walker

The NL9121L-35 is a lightweight foldable pediatric (child) walker suitable for toddlers or small children. It is uniquely designed to be used in reverse to improve alignment, consume less energy and maximize the opportunity to walk. The wheels on the walker are able to advance forward and not backwards for added security to prevent the child or toddler from accidentally backing up and falling backwards. It has height adjustable legs and a width of 35cm between the handles giving the user enough space to walk comfortably with support.


Frame Material   Aluminum alloy
Handle Height   35cm - 45cm (height adjustable)  
Ideal User Height     Below 100cm tall
Capacity   50 kg
Item Weight   2.3 kg

*Height of the doll used here is 90cm tall*


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