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NL-ZLJ-0 Child CP Chair Frame

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Weight(grams): 8

Product Specifications:
Weight : 8KG
Material : green leather + wood board + soft cushion
Suitable age : 1-6 years old children
Use scenario : Applicable to home and rehabilitation center
Packing : carton packing
Size : 720*600*800 (mm)

Seat Width : 320mm
Seat Depth : 360mm
Seat Height : 350mm
Table Center Spacing: 325mm
Table Width : 600mm
Table Depth : 450mm


NL-ZLJ-0 Child CP Chair Frame

The NL-ZLJ-0 Child CP Chair Frame (also known as Sitting Posture Correction Chair) is a medical mobility device specially designed for children affected with cerebral palsy (CP). It has an adjustable footrest and a detachable table so that the child can focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills. The idea of a CP Chair Frame is based on educational idea that teaching a child to sit correctly with their legs at a right angle will encourage proper posture in adulthood therefore leading to fewer problems with stress and strain on muscle and joints. The CP Chair Frame is designed to help maintain correct hip abduction and prevent ''scissoring'' of the legs. It makes the chair the ideal choice for children who have to sit for long periods, such as in school or to get them to focus on a certain activity.

About this item

  • Foot Pedal - The safety belt can effectively fix the child's foot to correct the deformation of the sole of the foot. The pedal can be adjusted up and down to meet the needs of children of different heights.
  • Safety Baffle - Excellent fabric, curved design, can be pulled back and forth, more comfortable to use.
  • Seating Dining Table - The wooden structure has a safety belt on the back, which can be pulled back and forth.
  • Seat Headrest - Excellent fabric, curved design, the height can be adjusted freely up and down to meet the needs of children of different heights.
  • Casters - 4 casters to facilitate the movement of the chair, the front wheels are universal, and the rear wheels are equipped with brakes.

Additional Info

  • Encourage hip development and improve hip stability

  • Maintain the pelvis in vertical alignment

  • Prevent ''Scissoring'' of the legs

  • Promote health by reducing sedentary behaviors

  • Enables them to focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills

  • Support face-to-face social interaction with peers by supporting a person’s upright position

*Please consult with your doctor before purchasing*



Installation Video - NL ZLJ 0 Child CP Chair Frame

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