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NL-ZLJ-0 Child CP Chair Frame

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NL-ZLJ-0 Child CP Chair Frame

The CP Chair Frame has an adjustable footrest and a detachable table so that the child can focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills. The idea of a CP Chair Frame is based on educational idea that teaching a child to sit correctly with their legs at a right angle will encourage proper posture in adulthood therefore leading to fewer problems with stress and strain on muscle and joints. The CP Chair Frame is designed to help maintain correct hip abduction and prevent ''scissoring'' of the legs. It makes the chair the ideal choice for children who have to sit for long periods, such as in school or to get them to focus on a certain activity.

  • Encourage hip development and improve hip stability

  • Maintain the pelvis in vertical alignment

  • Prevent ''Scissoring'' of the legs

  • Promote health by reducing sedentary behaviors

  • Enables them to focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills

  • Support face-to-face social interaction with peers by supporting a person’s upright position

The NL-ZLJ-0 Child CP Chair Frame is a medical mobility device specially designed for children affected with cerebral palsy (CP). With a adjustable and removable tray table as well as a height adjustable body support board, the Chair Frame is durable and safe. Added features include lateral support straps with adjusting knobs for safety, side and center support to prevent slipping out of place from the chair.

Chair Dimension :-

  • Seat Width : 320mm
  • Seat Depth : 360mm
  • Seat Height : 350mm
  • Table Center Spacing : 325mm
  • Table Width : 600mm
  • Table Depth : 450mm

Weight Capacity : 70 kg

Suitable for children: Age 1 - 6

*Please consult with your doctor before purchasing*



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