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NL9701 Wrist & Finger Othosis Rehabilitation Brace



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NL9701 Dynamic Wrist & Finger Othosis Rehabilitation Brace

Easy to use home physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercise product to train and strengthen hemiplegia (one sided body paralysis) patients with wrist and finger Dysfunctions, Muscle Weaknesses, Drop-hand (Radial Nerve Injury), Tendon Repair, or as a Post-operation exercise. The aluminum alloy frame also keeps the wrist from dorsiflexion (bending backwards). 

  • Interchangable Left or Right Hand
  • For Cerebral Infarction Thrombosis Stroke Hemiplegia Patients
  • Wrist and finger muscle and joint training to improve functionality
  • Prevents and corrects contracture stiffness
  • Prevents dorsiflexion in wrist

**Please check with your doctor or physiotherapist before purchasing**

Size: Free-size (Adult)

Package Size: 32cm x 14cm x 8cm

Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Tension Springs, Sponge Cloth Pads





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