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NL9613 Deluxe Foldable Forearm Walker (Cardiac Walker)



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NL9613 Deluxe Foldable Forearm Walker (Cardiac Walker)

Also known as ‘Cardiac Walkers’, the NL9613 is suited for those with mobility difficulties and for post operation patients to supports their entire weight by resting their arms on the moulded paddings during rehabilitation (walking) exercises by reduces the strain in their arms and reduces the risk of falling.

This NL9613 is a higher end option due to its long term usability because it has easy height and width adjustability that can be adjusted according to the growth of the user from their teenage years till they are in adulthood.

The walker has a moulded arm rest to comfortably prest on with handgrips equiped with brakes and lockable rear castors for them to do any standing exercises. The NL9613 features a sturdy steel frame that delivers added safety and security in the long run. The Deluxe Foldable Forearm Walker (Cardiac Walker) is a great aid for those who require support during physical activity/therapy during their post-op healing process.
Material   Aluminum
Handle Material     Durable ABS plastic  
Height   98-118 cm
Width   51-63 cm
Capacity   100 kg
Item Weight   12.9 kg

About this item

  • Suitable for long term usability from teenagers to adults
  • Foldable Frame
  • Easy Height Adjustability
  • Easy Width Adjustability
  • Sturdy and Durable Steel Frame
  • Comfortable Hand Grips with Brakes
  • Supports Weight While Exercising
  • Ideal for Those with Limited Mobility
  • Assists with Post-Op Exercise and Therapy
  • Suitable for users between 145cm - 180cm tall


NL9613 Deluxe Foldable Forearm Walker (Cardiac Walker)

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