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NL-YBQ Electric Patient Hoist (w. Patient Sling)



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NL-YBQ Electric Patient Hoist (w. Patient Sling) 

Hydraulic electric patient hoist - Moving a patient from the bed to chair or any other area can prove to be a stressful process for the caregiver and patient. By using patient hoists, it enables a smoother and safer transfer from one point to another.

  • Adjustable Hanger with 360 Degree Movement
  • Emergency Stop Button - Press to shut down the power ; Turn right to turn ON power
  • Simple Remote Controller
  • Emergency Lowering Device - Turn to the right to slowly lower down the patient manually
  • Adjustable Chassis Width to be Wide for Narrow
  • Handles to easily manauver the hoist
  • 4 inch castors with 2 brakes
Material Steel, Powder Coating
Lifting Height 850mm - 1750mm
Lifting Speed 6mm/s
Chassis Width 620mm - 800mm
Motor 24V/8000N
Charger 24V/2.0A
Charging Time 5 hours per time  (Do not overcharge)
Noise Level 65 dB (A)
Capacity 150 kg
Item Weight 45 kg
Dimension 1200mm (L) x 620mm (W) x 1225mm (H)

This package comes with :

  1. Controller X 1
  2. Control Box X 1
  3. Emergency Descent Gear X 1
  4. Slings Frame X 1
  5. Width Adjustment Pedal
  6. Rear Castor with Brake x 4
  7. Universal High Sling Hammock X 1
  8. 4 Point Spreader Bar



NL-YBQ Electric Patient Hoist

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