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NL-ZLJ-33 CP Sit to Stand Standing Chair Frame

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Weight(grams): 35

Dimension: 74 cm (Length) x 97 cm (Width) x 55 cm (Height)


NL-ZLJ-33 Child CP Sit to Stand Standing Chair Frame
The sit-to-standing chair frame is for those who have outgrown the child standing frame and have developed moderate trunk control and sitting balance. Although this device is larger than the standing frame, it is just as easy to use and can be of value for larger children enabling them to stand into adulthood. To enable the child to be optimally supported and comfortable, the sit-to-standing frame is made to be fully adjustable. It is recommended for not only young children but also pre-teens. It is used as a rehabilitation chair during adopting the sitting position and then as a static standing frame in the further process of rehabilitation.


*Please consult with your doctor before purchasing*

Product Feature:

  • NL-ZLJ-33 is useful for those who cannot sit up on their own and who needs back, shoulders and upper trunk support.
  • This allows the child to be independent, with hands free for play, while maintaining optimal straight trunk alignment.
  • Improve posture, hip stability, bone strength, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and bowel function, and general well-being
  • The frame is useful for a child with cerebral palsy who cannot bear weight on their legs may be able to stay in an upright posture using a standing frame.
  • The durable, functional vertical stander with four points of support provide the therapeutic benefits of standing and places children at peer level.
Frame Material   Steel and Wooden Frame, Vinyl nylon straps  
Frame Dimension   70cm (W) x 98cm (L) x 90cm -120cm (H)  
Seat Height   46cm
Seat Width   46cm
Capacity   100 kg
Item Weight   35 kg
Purpose   Standing Rehabilitation Training




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