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NL-ZLJ-1 Adult Static Standing Frame

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NL-ZLJ-1 Adult Static Standing Frame

The static standing frame is designed to assist the patient in a passive upright and prone position. It is assistive technology that can be used by a person who relies on a wheelchair for mobility to improve their physiological processes and oxygenate the body of the patient.

The frame helps with digestion, bowel, and bladder function, reduces the risk of scoliosis and pressure ulcers, and even aids respiration and speech by comfortably holding the body in the perfect upright posture. It is therapeutic standing for patients with conditions ranging from spinal cord injury and stroke, to multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. 
Spending much of the day sitting down can lead to problems such as muscle weakness and wasting, pressure sores, constipation and depression and increase the risk of other health problems such as heart disease. Regular use of a standing frame can improve mobility in people with severe progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). A study showed that the use of standing frames shows improvements in the range of movements in hip and ankle joints and quality of life.


*Please consult with your doctor before purchasing*

  • Encourage hip development and improve hip stability
  • Corrects & maintains a straight and symmetrical body posture
  • Prevent contractures of the hip, knee and ankle
  • Increase a person’s metabolic rate
  • Improve bone strength, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and bowel function, and general well-being
  • Increases self confidence to interact & social with others face to face
Frame Material   Steel and Wooden Frame, Vinyl nylon straps  
Frame Dimension   76cm (W) x 84cm (L) x 100cm -120cm (H)  
Table Height    100cm - 120cm (height adjustable)
Chest & Waist Width   20cm - 30cm (width adjustable)
Tilt Angle   0 ~ 40° (+/-)
Ideal User Height     140cm - 180cm
Capacity   135 kg
Item Weight   20 kg
Purpose   Standing Rehabilitation Training




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