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Adult Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Walker (Steel)

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SKU: NL2300

Weight(grams): 20

Dimension: 23 cm (Length) x 73 cm (Width) x 90 cm (Height)


NL2300 Adult Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Walker

This walking aid is a training tool designed to assist standing and walking for hemiplegic stroke patients or cerebral palsy patients. The height and width can be adjusted to suit either a teenager or an adult. It is suitable for height 120-160cm and weight less than 150 kg. Different body types are able to use this walker as it is simple, convenient, safe and reliable and can improve the efficiency of rehabilitation.

*Please consult with your doctor before purchasing*

  • Easy Height Adjustability
  • Sturdy and Durable Steel Frame
  • 8 Wheels 360° Support
  • Detachable Side Wheels
  • Comfortable Hand Grips
  • Supports Weight While Walking
  • Can be used by Teenager and Adult
Frame Material  Stainless Steel
Handle Material  High density sponge
Walker Height   90-120cm
Walker Length  67cm
Walker Width  73-110cm
Walker Underarm Width    30-45cm
Walker Waist Width  45cm
Max Capacity  150kg
Product Weight  18kg





NL2300 Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Walker

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