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PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer PLUS

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PP-AEDT2-101 Prestan AED Trainer PLUS

Quality / Durability / Most Similar to a Live AED

  • Leading-edge AED Trainer that most closely resembles brand AED Trainers in size and weight for a realistic training experience.
  • It features customizable options to match training environments and includes a child button.
  • Clear confident voice prompts. Also, CPR prompts to help the student keep pace with chest compressions.
  • Easy to replace modules containing current CPR guidelines and 2 languages.
  • A remote is optional and available for instructors who prefer this feature.  A single remote will control several AED Trainers within its range.

 Change the Language with a simple press of a button

 Scenario button can quickly change the shock sequence (no need for manual)

 Three volume options: loud, medium, soft

 Play and Pause button for those teachable moments


  • Compliant with current 2015 AHA Guidelines
  • Fast and Easy as well as Update
  • Adult/Child selection buttons
  • Training pads with dual adult/child graphics
  • Brightly illuminated shock button that flashes when the shock is advised
  • 5 preprogrammed training scenarios with Clear and calm voice prompts
  • Chest compression rate metronome with audible count reminders
  • Automatic or semi-automatic shock delivery
  • Programming option to either include or not include time for breaths after the compression cycle
  • Available remote control (sold separately)
  • Long battery life with automatic shut-off
  • Replaceable language module
  • Sturdy, flip-up lid

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Prestan AED Trainer Professional PLUS

PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer Plus

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