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Neo Child Corner Chair 1.0

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SKU: NL9120-A

Weight(grams): 10

Dimension: 62 cm (Length) x 62 cm (Width) x 65 cm (Height)


Neo Child Corner Chair 1.0

The Neo Child Corner Chair is the ideal seating solution for kids 6 months and above who require trunk, head and pelvis stability to hold a proper postural alignment. With its supportive design that offers extra comfort, your little one can be involved in floor activities without the fear of tipping over and with significantly reduced chances of developing pressure ulcers.

The corner chair is an excellent tool to help kids with developmental delays stay in a sitting position. It encourages balance and prevents children from tumbling backwards or sideways when they don't have adequate support. The corner chair has a pommel block which keeps the legs apart to maintain correct positioning and reduces pressure on the spine & hips. Moreover, the corner chairs offer extra support to the shoulders, ensuring that users can sustain a flexed posture and stay concentrated on detailed motor activities. Additionally, these chairs help keep legs stretched out to decrease extensor thrusts.


  • Trunk Positioning
    • Sturdy “wings” and corner design help to maintain symmetry of the child’s spine
  • Upper Support Board
    • Adjustable upper support board can be used to support head or shoulders
  • Floor Sitting
    • Simple first seat to introduce children to floor sitting.  Long sitting, with the legs stretched out in front, helps maintain the length of the muscles behind the knee
  • Pommel Block
    • Fixed pommel block to ensure the correct position for the child while sitting
  • Waist & Chest Strap
    • Adjustable Velcro straps to ensure the child is seated securely without falling forward

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