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SKU: NL-MK1000

Dimension: 1. Dimension: 55 (W) x 112 (H) x 96 (L)
2. Footrest Height: 21 / 27 / 40cm
3. Footrest Dimension: 44 x 19cm
4. Seat Width: 40cm
5. Seat Depth: 27cm
6. Back Height: 56cm
7. Back Width: 40cm
8. Product Weight: 6kg
9. Weight Capacity: 50kg

Product Specifications: 1. Made of Lightweight Aluminium.
2. 5-Point Harness that is also Height Adjustable.
3. Rear Wheel with Brake.
4. Double X- Fold Frame.
5. Seat angle 28°.
6. Seat to Back Angle 105°.
7. 7" Front & Rear Wheel.
8. Easy Hook-On Footrest.


Explore the world like everyone else.

The Joyride CP Stroller is specially designed for children with special needs who may have limited mobility. Whether they are unable to walk or can only walk short distances or in unpredictable directions, this stroller is tailored to their unique requirements.

Crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame, the Joyride CP Stroller is robust yet still relatively lightweight at only 6kg. It accommodates children typically between 2 to 8 years old, although suitability is primarily based on the child's size rather than their age.

Even if the child is moving around it remains sturdy and it can be used with a passenger weight of up to 50kg. It is important to note that most children are likely to outgrow it in terms of size, especially concerning leg length, well before reaching that weight. With an adjustable footplate that can be positioned at three different levels to match the child's leg length, the stroller can adapt as the child grows.


Strollers are essential for children with special needs, irrespective of their age or size. The Joyride CP Stroller surpasses the standard size, ensuring comfortable accommodation for your child up to the age of 8. With its wider seat and taller backrest, this stroller provides enduring support as your child grows. Its robust design also allows for a higher weight limit, accommodating up to 50kg.


The Joyride CP Stroller features an adaptable footrest that can be raised or lowered to match your child's leg length, ensuring both support and comfort while preventing feet from touching the ground. The footrest offers three fixed positions and can be effortlessly removed and replaced. Additionally, it includes designated slots for attaching foot straps or ankle straps (straps not included) if desired.


The sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame of the Joyride CP Stroller renders it perfect for daily use. Its lightweight construction and larger wheels reduce the effort required for pushing, while the convenient foldable umbrella system enables the stroller to collapse into a compact size for easy transportation and storage. Given these features, the Joyride CP Stroller is notably more manageable than bulkier alternatives.


The easily cleanable soft seat upholstery, coupled with additional padding on the cushioning, enhances the comfort of the stroller for your child. The seat fabric extends over the sides, providing both padding for the metal frame and covering the gap where some children may insert their hands. The 5-point adjustable harness ensures that your child is securely restrained, instilling confidence in their safety during outings. The harness offers four height-adjustable positions to accommodate your child's growth. The dual rear wheel brakes provide an additional layer of safety when parking the stroller.





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