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NL303D-B Hospital Bed 3 Functions (Electric Hi-lo)

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Dimension: 210 cm (Length) x 100 cm (Width) x 72 cm (Height)

NL303D-B Hospital Bed 3 Functions (Electric Hi-lo)

A hospital bed at home is a specially designed bed that provides medical support and comfort for individuals who require ongoing healthcare assistance in a residential setting.

Here are some key points about the use of a hospital bed at home:

  • Improve patient blood circulation & prevents pressure sores or bedsores

  • Reduces breathing difficulties by relieving pressure on patient chest

  • Prevents patient from accidentally falling off

  • Provides support for caregivers & prevents backaches

  • Electric / Automatic model gives patients independence to control the positions

It is important to consult with healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, or physical therapists, to determine the specific needs and appropriateness of using a hospital bed at home. They can provide guidance on selecting the right bed and ensure proper usage and maintenance.

Weight  120kg
Capacity  150kg
  1. Mild carbon steel with powder coating
  2. Aluminum side railing
  3. Detachable ABS head & footboards
  4. Four silent castors with brakes
Frame Dimension    (L) 210cm x (W) 100cm x (H) 42cm - 72cm 
Mattress  (L) 190cm x (W) 88cm x (H) 8cm  |  Fiber Mattress    
  1. Height Adjustable: 42cm - 72cm (± 5cm)
  2. Elevating Backrest: 0 – 75° (± 5°)
  3. Elevating Leg-rest: 0 – 25°  (± 5°)
  4. Emergency Manual Crank System
Input   AC 110V - 230V
Output   DC 29V
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NL303D Hospital Bed 3 Functions (Electric)

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