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NL722LQ Lightweight Sports & Leisure Wheelchair



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NL722LQ-36 Lightweight Sports & Leisure Wheelchair

The NL722LQ Sports Wheelchair is superbly agile in its maneuverability and handling. Sports Wheelchairs like these are built specifically for active users on the go bcause regular wheelchairs is unable to move as swiftly as a sports type wheelchair. This is largely due to its lightweight aluminum frame, its lower center of gravity for better stability and its 4” castors for smaller turning radius. The NL722LQ also features Quick Release rear wheels, allowing its users to remove the wheels with ease while loading it into a car for an outing with friends and family. All-in-all the NL722LQ Leisure (Sports) Wheelchair is an excellently built wheelchair and its styling projects a statement of confidence.

Material Aluminum
  1. Quick Release Rear Wheels
  2. Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  3. 24 inch Solid Tires
  4. Low center of gravity
  5. Washable Seat Protectors
Wheelchair Width 60 cm
Wheelchair Height 72 cm
Seat Width 36 cm
Rear Wheel 59 cm
Capacity 100 kg
Item Weight 11.8 kg





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