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Reclining Wheelchair

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Product Specifications: Foldable chromed steel frame
Reclining high back with neck support pillow
Detachable armrest for easy transfer
Adjustable Detachable elevating padded legs support
Solid front castor: 20cm
Solid tyre: 61cm
PVC seat width: 46cm
Reclining backrest: 90° - 180°
Weight: 20.7kg
Max load: 100kg

Reclining Wheelchair

The Reclining Wheelchair offers exceptional comfort and versatility with a reclining backrest adjustable up to 165° and elevating leg rests up to 180°. These features allow for multiple positioning options, alleviating pressure and preventing sore spots and muscle aches, especially beneficial for individuals with severe paralysis.

Ideal for the elderly or those with spinal cord injuries, head injuries, or muscle diseases, this wheelchair combines functionality with convenience. The easy-to-detach armrests, footrests, and headrest facilitate simple storage and portability. Its lightweight frame ensures effortless transportation, making it a practical choice for users and caregivers alike.

Material Chrome Steel 
  1. Reclining backrest  up to 165°
  2. Elevating leg rests up to 180°
  3. Detachable armrests, leg rests and headrest
  4. Anti-back tipping
Wheelchair Width 63 cm
Wheelchair Height 96 cm
Seat Width 46 cm
Rear Wheel 61 cm
Capacity 100 kg
Item Weight 20.7 kg


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