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Anti Decubitus (Bedsore) Tube Ripple Mattress

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Weight(grams): 3500

Dimension: 30 cm (Length) x 36 cm (Width) x 40 cm (Height)

Anti Decubitus (Bedsore) Tube Ripple Mattress

The Tubular Ripple Mattress is crafted to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, making it suitable for bedridden patients at low to medium risk. Hospital bed mattresses are essential for providing comfort and preventing complications from prolonged immobility. While home care hospital beds vary in design, they all necessitate a supportive surface or mattress. Additionally, they should allow for adjustments in head, foot, and height settings to facilitate movement.

This Ripple Mattress features tubular cells with a height of 5 inches, making it suitable for short-term use and easy installation. It includes a pressure-adjustable pump and extension flaps on the top and bottom sides of the tubular cell to prevent sliding.
Suitable for:
  • Patient who has developed stage 1 to stage 4 injury
  • Bedridden patient
  • Post-operation
Product Features of YHMED Tubular Ripple Mattress:
  • Interchangeable Cell Support System
  • Provides Superior Treatment
  • Durable, Medical Grade Nylon PVC
  • Advanced Comfort
  • Compact Design
  • Reliable, Durable Pump
  • Quiet, Low Vibration Compressor
  • Easily Attaches to Bed Frame
  • Adjustable Pressure Setting
Specifications of YHMED Tubular Ripple Mattress
  • Material: Medical Grade Nylon PVC
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Certificate: RoHS, En – 71, CA-117
  • Cycle Time: 12 Mins
  • Air Output: 6-8L/ Min
  • Pressure Range: 50-120 mmHg

Ripple mattresses are frequently employed and aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers by utilizing multiple chambers filled with varying amounts of air. Furthermore, the air pressure undergoes periodic adjustments throughout the hour to alleviate pressure on various body regions. Additionally, individuals at elevated risk of pressure ulcers, such as those who are bedridden, post-operative, suffering from pressure injuries, or recovering from bone fractures, are strongly advised to utilize Ripple Mattresses.

How to Assemble a Ripple Mattress:

  1. Firstly, Place the ripple mattress on the mattress and adjust accordingly
  2. Face the tube hole upward and connect the rubble tube to the ripple mattress
  3. Hang the motor pump onto the leg board of hospital bed
  4. Connect another side of the rubble tube to the motor pump
  5. Tucked the ripple mattress under standard mattress the prevent sliding
  6. Switch on the motor pump and turn the knob to the max for initial inflation
  7. Wait for around 10 minutes until the ripple mattress is fully inflated
  8. Lastly, Let the patient lay down on the ripple mattress and adjust pressure accordingly

NL533A Anti Decubitus (Bedsore) Tube Ripple Mattress

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