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Prestan AED Ultra Trainer

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Weight(grams): 500

Dimension: 17 cm (Length) x 8 cm (Width) x 23 cm (Height)


PP-AEDUT-101 Prestan AED Ultra Trainer

The PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer is equipped with a dual graphics pad and Prestan’s unique Pad Sensing System, which automatically detects when each pad is placed on the manikin.  This AED trainer can accurately simulate a live AED, allowing for a more realistic training class.

The pads are durable, lasting up to 100 applications, and do not leave behind that annoying sticky residue.  Replacement is easy and affordable.

The PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer is the first and only universal trainer to have a child button that best simulates modern live AEDs, giving your students a realistic training experience.

The easy to use audio menu allows you to customize your training with options of automatic or semi-automatic shock, 5 training scenarios, and the ability to turn on or off the compression metronome and ventilation command.

Package Includes carry bag, and each trainer  comes with: 3 'C'-cell batteries (installed), adult/child training  electrode set with unique pad sensing system, dual-sided pad storage tray, instructions for use. 


Prestan is the First and Only Universal AED Trainer with:

  • Dual Graphic (Adult/Child) Training Pads
  • Pad Sensing System
  • Preconnected Pads
  • Child Training Button
  • Child AED specific voice prompts
  • Automatic or Semi-Automatic shock simulation
  • CPR Coaching, “Give Breaths” voice prompt
  • Turn on or off compression metronome 
  • Turn on or off “Give Breaths” prompts
  • Low Battery warning
  • Use 3 pieces C batteries
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA

Aditional features:

  • Two languages
  • AHA Guidelines Compliant and Upgradable 
  • Play/Pause Button
  • 5 Training Scenarios
  • 1 year Prestan Malaysia distibutor warranty against manufacturer defect


PP-AEDUT-101 Prestan AED Ultra Trainer.

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