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NL9121L-35 Reversed Child Walker

The NL9121L-35 is a lightweight foldable pediatric (child) walker suitable for toddlers or small children. It is uniquely designed to be used in reverse to improve alignment, consume less energy and maximize the opportunity to walk. The wh

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NL9611 CP Pediatric Gait Trainer (Walker)

Gait trainers are assistive device tools to help a special needs child learn how to walk. It is when the child is unable to support their own weight and requires additional supportive gears to help them. 
The NL9611

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NL9122L-A Lightweight Reversed Child Walker/Gait Trainer 2.0

There is a difference between a Walker and a Gait.  A Walker is used when the child is able to stand by themselves and they need a walker as a balancing tool to help them take steps. A Gait is when the child is still u

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NL-ZLJ-0 Child CP Chair Frame

The CP Chair Frame has an adjustable footrest and a detachable table so that the child can focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills. The idea of a CP Chair Frame is based on educational idea that teaching a child to sit correctly wit

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NL-FS301 Child CP Standing Frame with Front Tilt Table

Standing frames are used by children who are born with Cerebral Palsy that affects their motor functions due to a brain injury during pregnancy. They have difficulties standing, walking, picking things up, and some even diff

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NL-ZLJ-33 Child CP Sit to Stand Standing Chair Frame
The sit-to-standing chair frame is for those who have outgrown the child standing frame and have developed moderate trunk control and sitting balance. Although this device is larger than the standing frame, it is

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NL-KY991 Child CP Standing Frame w. Seat & Quick Release Table

Standing frames are suitable for people with cerebral palsy who have difficulties standing and walking. They offer some people important health benefits that can only be gained in positions other than sitting. Th

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NL980LA-35 Child Wheelchair

Material Aluminum, Vinyl Nylon Fabric Features
  1. Detachable Armrest
  2. Detachable Footrest
  3. Foldable Backrest

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