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NL9611 CP Pediatric Gait Trainer (Walker)

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NL9611 CP Pediatric Gait Trainer (Walker)

Gait trainers are assistive device tools to help a special needs child learn how to walk. It is when the child is unable to support their own weight and requires additional supportive gears to help them. 
The NL9611 is recommended for children with cerebral palsy (CP) because it encourages mobility for those who has the potential to learn how to walk and not fully be dependent on a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. CP is a condition with many health issues, and mobility is one of the main problems. Gait trainers are equipped with the supportive gears to help the children stand on their own two feet. Having the ability to stand and walk will help reduce many health problems for them in the future. 
The NL9611 has adjustable padded torso straps and straddle, adjustable height, and forearm support with handgrips to help fully support their weight and provide stability while they learn how to move their feet. It is uniquely designed to improve alignment, strengthens leg muscles, consume less energy and maximize the opportunity to walk.  The supportive gears should slowly be removed as the child improves so that they continue to develop without fully relying on the support.

Frame Material   Steel
Dimension   70cm (W) x 80cm (L) x 55cm - 80cm (H) 
Waist Width   23cm wide
Ideal User Height     Below 120cm tall
Capacity   80 kg
Item Weight   15 kg

*Height of the doll used here is 100cm tall*



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