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NL723LQ High Performance (HP) Sports & Leisure Wheelchair

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NL723LQ High Performance (HP) Sports & Leisure Wheelchair

The NL723LQ is a lightweight, multi-adjustable sports & leisure wheelchair suitable for active people who prefers a smooth and fast pace set of wheels. Its lightweight frames are durable and rust-resistant making it convenient to move around outdoors. 

Its lower centre of gravity provides stability and prevents the user from turning over while actively maneuving the wheelchair. The quick release rear wheels makes the wheelchair smaller in size to allow it to fit into any vehicle to take out.

The frame has multiple adjustable points to modify the wheelchair's height and length to fit the user's needs. New users can get advise about sports wheelchairs from OKU groups specializing in modifications.


Material Aluminum
  1. Lightweight Sports & Leisure Wheelchair
  2. Recommended for active individuals
  3. Adjustable frame height & length to suit any style
  4. Center of Mass Adjustment System
  5. Aluminum Rust Resistant Frame
  6. Detachable 24 inch Quick Release Rear Wheels
  7. Lower Centre of Gravity for stability
  8. Anti Back Tipping Bars
  9. Removable Seat Protector & Cushion
Wheelchair Width 56 cm
Wheelchair Height 74 cm
Seat Width 36 cm
Rear Wheel 61 cm
Capacity 100 kg
Item Weight 14 kg






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